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Connect With Your Customers

An app keeps your customers connected to your business


Imagine the benefits of remaining connected
  • 1. Push Notifications

    Send your clients a message that appears right on the screen - specials, news stories, hot topics - all can point to a unique URL or just opens your app.  They don't want to miss something so sending them a message helps them to feel connected to your brand.  Unlike a flyer or email, a push notification stands out.  For those customers who prefer not to receive push notifications or who missed them, our app provides custom notifications that customers see when they open your app.

  • 2. Menus

    You can create an unlimited number menu items that provide to your users a quick means to access important products or services that you offer.  Websites are often difficult to navigate but with your app, you can focus their attention.  Change the menus as often as you need.  Add new icons to freshen things up whenever you'd like.

  • 3. Social Feeds

    Integrate your Facebook and Twitter channels right into your app.  Your clients don't need to launch those apps separately.  They would now open the app and  see your feeds instantly.

  • 4. Multiple Languages Supported

    Customize your app menu to include multiple languages, then provide a link to HTML pages that support that language.  They'll feel more connected to you this way.

  • 5. Forms

    Your customers give you feedback info with an easy-to-use form.  Create the form using your website.  You'll see customers use it more often when it's part of the app.  If you have a database solution, such as Filemaker that is hosted by the web and is mobile friendly, bringing it to an app will help expand/retain your client base.

  • 6. 3D Quick Menus

    We offer modern, safe technology such as 3D quick menus for iPhone 6 users.  When the user presses your desktop icon and holds for a second, a menu appears.  They can select any menu item to quickly go there.

  • 7. Streaming

    Stream video or audio content to your clients.  This helps the your client remain connected to your brand rather than forcing them to open yet another app to stream your content.

  • 8. Ad Revenue

    We offer the ability for you to create house ads for cross promotion or sell ad space and earn revenues.  These ads are full screen ads and can appear as often as you'd like but typically waits 2 minutes between ads.

  • 9. Live Updating

    Your clients don't have to wait to see the latest information.  With Live Updating, changes you make to your website are automatically shown on the app.  No extra coding.  Just maintain your website as you do today and it's instantly reflected in the app.  It's that simple!

  • 10. Native App

    Unlike web apps, your clients can find you on the Apple and Google stores by typing in your business name or type of service you offer.  Our apps are 100% native.  You would now have an app and can say 'just download our app', it's the easiest way to promote your brand.

  • 11. Themes

    You get to choose between our standard, circles, personal or simple theme. For professionals, the standard theme may work while the circles theme provides a fun alive look.

  • 12. Baked In Google Analytics

    Google analytics is baked right into our app.  This means you'll be able to see incredibly detailed metrics.  How often do your customers use a particular menu item?  This feature is truly very powerful.

Remember...your app is ALWAYS up-to-date with our Live Updating Feature.  Any changes you make to your website are immediately built into your app.  No extra work.  no resubmission to Apple or Google.  It just works!