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Each icon image is considered a menu item
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How Many?
Just as many as you need

Nine URLs can be added.  You can hide icons and their associated URLs within our web based admin tool.

What Kind Of URLs?
Any URL type

Generally speaking if it works on the web then the URL will work on the app.  If the link is https or http, either works.  There's even an option to store your login credentials to the cloud if you'd prefer.

Icon Changes?
Color or black and white, your choice

Each icon associated with a given button can be changed by you.  Some prefer color buttons while others use black and white or a mix of these.  Icons can be changed within seconds, the biggest challenge is for you to find the best icons for you..

Organize Menus
Move them around as you'd like

Using our web based admin tool, you can move menus around as quickly as you'd like.  You might discover that the last menu item is more popular than the 4th, well you can simply switch them around.  It's that easy..