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Technology Change Warranty


In today's ever changing technology world, we're finding that manufacturers of tablets and phones change their screen dimensions or software compatibility requirements very quickly and of course, without notice.

With AppYourWay's technology change warranty, we'll adapt your app to the new change at no cost to you.

For example, when Apple released the iPhone 6 Plus, it required all apps to update their screen sizing in order for users to use the app.  Without that, users would see a screen that contained black blank areas to the right and bottom of the screen which represented the smaller iPhone 6 dimensions.

Typically, this would be expensive to change but with AppYourWay, we will make these changes for you at NO ADDITIONAL COST while under warranty.

Our Technology Change Warranty also provides you with any major improvements we've made so you're never out of date.

No other app developing solution provides this ease of mind.

If you'd like to purchase our technology change warranty, the cost is just $399 for each year but can only be purchased in the year your app was developed by us.

If your technology change warranty has expired and a change to technology has taken place i.e. a new phone, tablet size or underlying technology change occurs, the cost to bring your app up to date would be 50% of the current package pricing for your app.  So if you have the Business package, it would cost 50% of that package price to bring your app back up to date.

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