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Custom Search

What is Custom Search?

With AppYourWay, we provide the ability for your customers to search your domain without having to leave your app in order to use Google, Bing etc.

When using Google type search features, Google sends your customers unwanted advertisements which may be age inappropriate.

By providing our own native custom search capabilities, the search results are clean, the content can be filtered or refined by you in seconds using our web interface.  

This is a native search feature, not a web portal provided by Google or Bing which may track your search queries.  What's more, is how professional this looks instead of your clients seeing a Google or Bing branding.

Ideal for when customers want to ask you a question or search content on your website as well as links from your website.

This feature usually costs a great deal and is very complex to create, but we're proud to say that AppYourWay apps makes it possible.

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