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Native Mapping System


With AppYourWay, our mapping system provides business owners with the power to attract customers, especially younger users who look for navigation features and who can be engaged to participate in games using our maps as we'll explain below.

If your business has newspapers, you can map out the pickup boxes where folks can find your paper.

If you're a business association, you can map out key businesses that folks can easily find on a map in comparison to their physical location.

If your business has multiple locations, you can indicate where each location is and help the user to find you as it reveals where the user is to your location.

Some cool features of our mapping system include:

- Up to 100 pins can be placed on a map
- Each pin can be uniquely colored to stand out
- Each pin displays the distance the pin is from the user
- Each pin displays a 'i' or information button that, when selected, brings the user to a unique URL of your choice.  Ideal for describing a business or location in detail.
- Each map permits the user to collect their current physical location and paste that in an email or message to friends to let them know where they are.
- As users approach the radius (set by you) of a pin, a message is displayed.
- Pins can be hidden or displayed individually

We've had radio stations and newspapers prepare a game where people would be required to download the app to participate.  They would go to a pin to get the first clue, which directs them to a hidden pin to get the next clue etc.

Marina's can place pins to indicate great fishing spots or historical significances.

Once you have mapping as part of your app, you can use it whenever you'd like, increasing the engagement of younger clients.

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