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Our Latest News

We're getting new features and industries joining the mobile revolution all the time.  Here's the latest news.

AppYourWay is proud to present a new and exciting app titled 'The Foot Collective'.   For many thousands around the world The Foot Collective is a journey of living pain free starting with the feet.   A community of folks who include 'Foot Nerds' which help guide people to a healthier pain free life.

If you'd like to discover how healthy living begins with healthy feet, then download the app and check out the many free video's, blogs, questions and answers along with the ability to join the foot nerd program.  See their website for more information.

Cruising Off Duty

CruisingOffDuty.com Website

Craig Bowman

"This is awesome.  I went to the Cruising Off Duty website and it shows the latest video.  I use to have to add the link and a photo and stuff.  Soooooo cool!  Thanks again."

guarantee shop

GuaranteeShoppe.com Website

James Campbell

AppYourWay is pleased to announce the release of the 'Guarantee Shoppe' website - their moto is 'Tired of pleading with your bank for the best GIC rate?  We offer better rates with no begging!'.  Check them out!

AppYourWay is pleased to present a new app titled 'Toronto City Helper'.

As a resident or visitor of Toronto, this app provides quick access to some of the key areas of public interest for the city. 

Where are the key locations in the city in proximity to where you are? Just touch the city locations to find out how exciting Toronto is.

Quickly see who your councillor is or view the city budget, review major projects underway. Answering important everyday questions such as when will your garbage be picked up? Or how do I file a noise complaint or which arena is open today for Hockey.

The Toronto City Helper app also provides access to WattchIT, 2014 Earth Day award winner for conservation software that allows you to enter your homes electricity consumption details and in return helps you save precious energy.

A traditional 2048 game by AppYourWay called '2048 Fun Game' that's meant to be fun with a twist - you can choose from three board sizes: 3x3, 4x4 and 5x5. The smaller the board is, the fewer cells you have, and the harder the game is.  There's also three game modes: 

1) The original Power of 2, i.e. combining two tiles of the same value to produce their sum. 

2) The Power of 3, i.e. combining three consecutive tiles of the same value to produce their sum. Not surprisingly, this is pretty hard with the 3x3 board, so enjoy playing this mode.

3) The Fibonacci sequence, i.e. combining two adjacent numbers in the sequence 2, 3, 5, 8, 13... to produce the one next to the larger value. This is pretty tricky. Try it out and you will know what we mean.

The final twist is that there are three themes, a bright theme and a 'joyful' theme in addition to the original one.

AppYourWay apps allow users to edit customer visable icons, links and themes by using a web portal.  But what if our customers could use their mobile device to make these changes where ever they are?   AppYourWay is proud to announce the 'AYW Connect' app for IOS users which will allow them to change icons, menu items, URLs and send push notifications right from the palm of their hands.   All changes are instantly seen on your app.   Most of all, when you send a push notification the content is used to automatically create a 'notification' which users of your app will see when the open your app!   Only AppYourWay provides an app to real time change your app anywhere you may be - we don't follow, we lead.

We're proud to announce our latest game for folks to enjoy - 'Star Escape' requires that you tilt your mobile device forward or from side to side in order to navigate the star.   The objective of the game is to touch the bulls eye with the star while avoiding obstacles along the way.   The game will appear simple enough but as you'll see, challenges appear very quickly, one mistake will cause you to start all over.  If you're lucky enough to complete all the levels then you'll arrive at the super rare bonus screen where only the very very best survive.  Download 'Star Escape' today!


This new theme compliments our 3 other themes
Multiple Languages

Selecting the 'English' pull down would reveal other languages that you define

'Simple' layout
Simply Choose An Icon

Your customers will see the simplicity of this theme and quickly select an icon.  There's no other distractions, ideal for all types of businesses.

They won't miss important things

Fewer people are accepting push notifications, so instead, you can add a notification that users will see when they open your app.  Notice how clean it appears at the bottom of the apps screen.

Color Your World
Simple color accents

You can set the color of background behind the icons (in the sample it's green) and you can set the color of the line at the top (in this sample it's gold).   This lets you set the colors to your business colors.  Simple.

At AppYourWay, we design apps for business and for fun.  'Saniteyes' is a game where the goal is to clean your mobile device of toxic waste and germs.  Simply touch the pink germ at each level to win before a germ escapes.   

Another game made by AppYourWay which is designed to have fun.  Simply park the icon (a steering wheel) into the designated parking space, while avoiding other cars.  You'll have to hurry though before the time runs out!  Download Today!

Introducing the 'Crazy DOTs Game', where touching the right crazy dot gets you to the next level.

It's not a complicated game and fun for anyone who's willing to test their endurance.  Touch the wrong crazy dot and you'll have to start over.  Enjoy.

IsobelGranger.com Website

Isobel Granger Inspector OPS

AppYourWay is proud to have developed the website for Isobel Granger, inspector with the Ottawa Police force.  Isobel is an incredible leader in promoting the importance to never be behind a curtain in life and to be the best you can be.  Check out her site.

my ev app

MyEVApp.com Website

IOS and Android App Site

AppYourWay has released a new website devoted towards helping electric vehicle owners track their trips over time.   If you have an EV, then visit this site.

AppYourWay is proud to introduce the best Manga reader app on the market - we call it 'Eye Manga' and it's available now on the Apple Store.  Manga (漫画 Manga) are comics created in Japan or by creators in the Japanese language, conforming to a style developed in Japan in the late 19th century. They have a long and complex pre-history in earlier Japanese art.   Now Manga stories have been translated in English and is read by millions around the world.  Download Eye Manga today!
Paul Rushforth Real Estate selected AppYourWay to design their app.  Paul Rushforth Real Estate is widely known within the Ottawa community for being the top selling residential real estate team in Ottawa, Paul Rushforth Real Estate is dedicated to connecting the right people with the right home for the right price.   Having an app just made it even easier for folks to discover what Paul Rushforth can do for them, download the app today!

Follow Craig and Janice's adventures as they travel the globe and video taping along the way on their YouTube channel 'Cruising Off Duty'.   They love travelling and they love sailing, so they figure the best way to see the world is by sailboat. They presently have a 35' Beneteau Oceanis sloop that they sail out of Kingston, Ontario Canada, which is on Lake Ontario. Their longer term plan is to sell everything and buy a 40-50' Catamaran and circumnavigate the globe.  They decided to be the first vloggers to have an app so that their users can quickly see what they're up to.  AppYourWay was chosen to build the app, download it today!

Paul Rushforth Charity Golf has selected AppYourWay to create their app.  It's a privilege for AppYourWay to be a sponsor of this extremely important event.   Each year, Paul Rushforth Charity Golf raises thousands for local charities in the Ottawa area.  We're proud to offer apps for both big business, small business, non profits and charities.

Mercedes Benz is the flagship in the automotive industry.  AppYourWay was chosen to develop an app for Star Motors Mercedes Benz in Ottawa Canada.  It's Mercedes Benz first and only app in Canada.  While we service businesses large and small, each client gets exactly the same high quality app.

Hyundai is an incredible automotive company whose designs and quality are now spearheading the industry.  AppYourWay was selected to develop and app for Pathway Hyundai in Orlean's Ontario.  It's the first app developed for a Hyundai dealership in Canada.  AppYourWay can develop an app for your automotive dealership too, just contact us for information.

Orlean's-Cumberland Community Resource Centre, a non profit organization serving the community has selected AppYourWay to provide it with an app so that it's clients within the community can remain connected.   The OCCRC provides a wide range of services including assistance with food; individual, couple and family counseling; employment assistance; early childhood education; speech therapy services for children, diabetes education, breastfeeding support and so much more.   We're proud to offer non profit organizations the oppourtunity to be part of the mobile revolution.

The Ottawa Business Journal has been a staple in Ottawa providing business news and connections.  We're proud to have been selected to provide the Ottawa Business Journal with it's app.   As a leader in business news, the Ottawa Business Journal were looking for a solution that leads the industry as well and AppYourWay was chosen.

OPES Wealth Management is a leader in providing a unique wealth management process and intellectual framework to help their clients make sound financial decisions.   As a leader in financial management, OPES Wealth Management was looking for a way to provide it's customers with 24/7 convienient access to it's services.   OPES Wealth Management asked AppYourWay to develop it's app.   OPES Wealth Management is a technology leader within the financial management area as is AppYourWay.

Stay tuned for more..

Regardless of your business industry, at AppYourWay we can provide a solution that 100% fits your needs and most importantly does not require on going investment as you have full control of the app via our web portal.